Jun 16 2018

Youth Indaba Delegation

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Jun 15 2018

Pew Leaflet Sunday 17 June 2018


The two parables that Jesus tells in this [gospel] reading are both simple and very comforting. In the one, the Reign of God is shown to be a reality that grows in secret in ways that we cannot control or even understand, but that produces fruit if we just nurture it and receive it. In the other, God’s Reign grows from small, but significant, things. The seed is the perfect metaphor for these truths. Farmers work with seeds – planting them, watering them, weeding the ground, nourishing the soil – but no farmer can make a seed grow. All they do is co-operate with the process of growth that is built into the seed. In the same way, we cannot make God’s Reign grow. We can only open our hearts and allow the seed to be sown into our hearts. We can only nurture, nourish, and water the seed, and then trust that God’s Reign will grow in our hearts and lives. (Sacredise Daily Word)

4th Sunday after Pentecost B – 17 June.pdf

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Jun 01 2018

Pew Leaflet Sunday 3 June 2018


Today Mark’s Gospel explores two Sabbath Day incidents in which Jesus was involved. In the first, the disciples “harvest” grain as they walk, and in the second, Jesus heals a man with a withered hand. In both cased the Pharisees respond with indignation at what they see as a violation of the Sabbath law. But, Jesus’ response is that the Sabbath was made to meet the needs of people (NLT) not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath.

It is so easy to lose the point of Scripture and the laws contained in it. It is so easy to make rules and standards of holiness the goal of faith. It feels good to be able to fulfil all the requirements of the law, and to enjoy the sense that we have earned God’s approval and

applause. But, God did not give the Law to the Israelites in order for them to win God’s approval. The law was given to teach them how to live as free people with care and consideration for each other. When Jesus preached, he summarised the entire Law in his great commandment. In doing this, Jesus revealed that the spirit of the law is not legalism but love. And when we find ourselves in a place to choose between obeying the law and treating another person with compassion, compassion should always win.

(Sacredise Daily Worship)

2nd Sunday after Pentecost B – 3 June.pdf

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May 20 2018



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May 18 2018

Pew Leaflet Sunday 20 May 2018


This Sunday is the day of Pentecost – the day when we remember the experience of the disciples in the Upper Room when they received what Jesus called “power from on high”. The account of the Pentecost outpouring of the Spirit is exciting, mysterious and challenging. On the one hand there are the awe-inspiring details of the story – a new power and passion for God and God’s Reign inspired in the (previously) frightened followers of Christ, and a new community coming into being as two thousand people respond to Peter’s impassioned sermon. But, on the other

hand, there are the strange events that accompany this event, that are so far from the experience of most of us today – the flames of fire on the believers’ heads, the rushing wind, the new languages. Whatever the disciples really experienced, we

must be careful about expecting our experience to be literally the same as theirs. Rather, we must be open for God to meet us where we are, and to come to us in whatever way will best lead us deeper into God’s power and presence.

(Sacredise Daily Worship)

Pentecost B – 20 May.pdf

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