Apr 20 2018

Pew Leaflet Sunday 22 April 2018


Today we celebrate “Good Shepherd” Sunday. This gospel tells us that the kingdom of God is not merely like a shepherd and his sheep; but rather, Jesus himself is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. The sheep know his voice. The Good Shepherd smells like the sheep. We can ask ourselves how we attune ourselves to the voice of the Good Shepherd. Where do we hear him calling? Have we been scattered, or are we attentive to the voice and near the Shepherd? Jesus lays down his life for his sheep but takes it up again.

To be a disciple of Jesus is not simply to be a “hired hand” who acts only to be compensated, who is concerned only with his or her own welfare. The Gospel of the Good Shepherd is a lesson in leadership that is centred in the servanthood of Jesus. To act in the interest of those in our care, to “freely” place our own stature at the service of others, is to embrace the model of Christ the Good Shepherd. Christ calls each one of us to realize that the gifts, talents and abilities that God has entrusted to us are not for our own profit but to fulfill our vocations as “good shepherds”: to seek out and bring back the lost, scattered and forgotten.

(Living Liturgy 2018)

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Apr 17 2018

St George Family Day 2018

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Apr 13 2018

Pew Leaflet Sunday 15 April 2018


From Altar to Table

We see in today’s gospel the risen Christ ask for something to eat and he eats what is prepared for him as a sign that he is not an apparition. He’s not a ghost or something the disciples imagined. He is truly present! He proves this at an ordinary dinner table.

What does this mean, then, about our own dinner tables? If the risen Christ has shown himself not only at the altar in the Eucharist but also in such ordinary places as a home dinner table, should we not treat the table wherever we eat as sacred spaces as well? Whenever we prepare food and place it before someone to eat in our homes, do we see Christ present there, too?

This Easter season, honour the tables where you eat and the opportunity to see Christ present there. Use a tablecloth on your kitchen or dining table if you don’t already use one. Every time you eat, know that Christ is there with you. (Living Liturgy 2018; p113)

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Apr 06 2018

Pew Leaflet Sunday 8 April 2018


Thomas misses the first resurrection appearance, and when the other disciples tell him about it, he refuses to accept a second-hand faith. He wants his faith to be real and personal. It is only when he has his own encounter with Christ, when his faith is his own, that he is able to give himself fully to the Risen One, but give himself he does. His words, “My Lord and my God” are a radical statement of worship and commitment. It is easy to settle for a second-hand faith. It is far simpler if we ignore our questions and just accept the faith that we are taught by teachers, preachers and friends. But, real faith is always first-hand. This week, don’t settle for a “hand-me-down” faith. Be part of a faith community, and allow others to support your faith, but stay committed to finding your own, personal encounter with the Risen Christ. Only a first-hand faith can really sustain and transform us. (Sacredise Daily Worship)


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Mar 26 2018

Lay Ministers Roster 25 March to 2 May

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