Jun 14 2019

Pew Leaflet Sunday 16 June 2019

Reflection on Trinity Sunday
As we have a combination of celebrations this weekend, we are reminded of the Holy Trinity, the role of Fathers and the dynamics of our youth in society. For me what binds these is the challenge of identity. We reflect attributes of our parents for reasons of both nature and nurture. Many of our characteristics are genetic and hereditary (nature). We also become more like our parents in time, as we are impacted by their example (nurture). In the same way, you reflect your Father’s attributes because of nature and nurture. When you became a Christian, the Bible says you were born again (John 3:3). God gave you a new nature, His nature. While you still struggle with sin because you live in an earthly body, you have been changed into a new person internally. And you no longer continually live in sin. The DNA test is clear. We belong to God. The evidence is that you do not continually live a life of sin. As God’s child, God nurtures you and develops your character. God continually molds you and forms you. God transforms your mind (Rom. 12:2) and works in your life (Phil. 2:13) so you will live out your identity as God’s child. God is pleased and proud when you reflect God’s attributes to the world around you. While you will never be perfect on this earth, you are instructed to imitate Christ and reflect God’s character.

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Jun 07 2019

Pew Leaflet Sunday 9 June 2019

Reflection – Day of Pentecost

Pentecost marks the end and the goal of the Easter season. It is a memorial of the day the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in the form of fiery tongues, an event that took place fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus. The Paschal mystery — the Passion, the Death, the Resurrection, and the Ascension of Jesus — culminates in the sending of the Holy Spirit by the Father (at the request of His Son), on Jesus’ disciples. The feast also commemorates the official inauguration of the Christian Church by the apostolic preaching of St. Peter, which resulted in the conversion of 3000 Jews to the Christian Faith. Pentecost is, thus, the official birthday of the Church. Today’s Scripture readings remind us that Pentecost is an event of both the past and the present. The main theme of today’s readings is that the gift of the Holy Spirit is something to be shared with others. In other words, the readings remind us that the gift of the Holy Spirit moves its recipients to action and inspires them to share this gift with others.

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May 31 2019

Pew Leaflet Sunday 2 June 2019

Reflection – Seventh Sunday of Easter

In today’s [gospel] reading, we get to eavesdrop on Jesus in prayer. The setting is the Last Supper. In John’s Gospel, these are the last words Jesus utters before his arrest and execution. In this prayer Jesus prays not just for his disciples, but also for all who will come to faith through them – which includes us. The heart of Jesus’ prayer is that we may all be one. This unity is both the glory of God and the witness that will lead others to faith. And this unity is based on love – the love that is shared within the Godhead, the love that is shared between Christ and us and the love we share with one another. This is the challenging invitation of the Gospel! How can you experience and express this unity with others in your life today? When we greet another person, we make a point of recognizing them and acknowledging them. When our greeting includes a sense of welcome, this builds unity and increases the love between us. Today, try to greet everyone you meet with an open and loving heart. Breath-Prayer for Today: As you have acknowledged and loved me, O God, so I commit to acknowledge and love others.

Sacredise Daily Worship

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May 24 2019

Pew Leaflet Sunday 26 May 2019

Die Heilige Gees sal by julle bly

In die nag voordat Hy gevange geneem en gekruisig is, herinner Jesus ons hier in Johannes 14 aan die geskenke wat Hy vir ons gee. Hierdie geskenke vloei uit God se teenwoordigheid deur die Heilige Gees (Parakleet) in ons lewens. Ons reageer op God se teenwoordigheid deur geloof, gehoorsaamheid, rustigheid en die uitleef van Jesus se vrede. As gemeente moet ons nadink hoe ons kreatief kan reageer op God se teenwoordigheid en God se gawes: Watter verharding en liefdeloosheid is daar in (a) ons eie lewens en in (b) die wêreld wat ons met God se liefde kan wegkalwe? Hoe kan ons Jesus se teenwoordigheid, sy vrede en liefde, prakties demonstreer? Waar het ons nodig om Jesus se woorde en Sy nabyheid te onthou. Hoe anders sal ons woorde en dade wees as ons onthou dat God deur die Gees by ons inwoon, en ons bystaan om te onthou, en te leef uit die onthou!

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May 17 2019

Pew Leaflet Sunday 19 May 2019

Reflection for the Fourth Sunday after Easter

What defines a "Christian" for you? What are the most important qualities that reflect true faith in Jesus? Is it believing that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God? Is it maintaining complete and absolute sexual purity? Is it refraining from using bad language? Is it regular attendance at worship? Is it being consistent in daily prayer and Bible reading? It may surprise you that none of these things seemed to be important to Jesus when it comes to identifying his followers. Jesus had only one thing that defined his disciples – love. In the Gospel reading that is set for today, Jesus says, "Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples." Our capacity to love others practically and sacrificially, as Jesus did, is the only defining quality of being a follower of Jesus. The world does not know that we are Jesus’ disciples through our doctrine, our church attendance, our modesty in dress, or our rejection of those whom we consider to be sinners. The world can only know that we follow Jesus through our love.

Sacredise Daily Worsip: 19-25 May

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