Jul 03 2020

Pew Leaflet Sunday 5 July 2020

5th Sunday after Pentecost Year A -5 July 2020.pdf

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Jul 03 2020

Covid 19 Infections Prayer Request

My dear Clergy,

We continue to pray for all those infected and affected with the Coronavirus. We pray for those who are suffering ill health, whether at home or in hospital. We pray for those who are in a coma and those on a ventilator. We pray for homes and families where it is impossible for people to separate themselves and be in self-isolation.

We continue to pray for all frontline workers in our hospitals, clinics, day hospitals, mortuaries, undertakers, ambulance services, therapists. We pray for all other frontline workers in various industries, making our lives easier. Among frontline workers are our clergy. I ask for your prayers for the Revd Edwin Arrison, his wife Desiree and their daughters, as well as Revd Enrico Heuvel who have contracted the virus. They are self-isolating at home.

Tomorrow is the 100th day of Lockdown. The Diocese has prepared a special YouTube Service of Healing for Sunday. In the service we pray for people who have tested positive with the coronavirus and we lift up to God those who have died as a result of complications of the coronavirus. It will be distributed to clergy via our Archdeacons. It will also be on our website. Do share it widely.

We pray for all seeking healing. I thank God that you are faith-filled but please speak to me if you become distressed. We have counsellors that we can refer you to for a chat should you prefer that, rather than speaking to a colleague.

I place you, your loved ones and congregations in the loving care of Jesus as you journey through this weekend.

Love, Peace, Prayers and Blessings,

Bishop Margaret B Vertue

Bishop of False Bay

P O Box 2804, SOMERSET WEST,7129, RSA

( 27 21 852 5243 (office)

( 27 21 852 1686 home)

Ê 0865 199510 or 27 21 852 9430

ü bishopm www.falsebaydiocese.org.za

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Jul 03 2020

Important notice for grade 12 learners

The University of Pretoria’s recruitment program, Junior Tukkies, is launching an online preparation school for grade 12 learners in the subjects of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The course will consist of pre-recorded videos, worksheets with memos and Saturday live sessions. The program will run between the beginning July and end of August, so a 2 month program.

The learners can click on the following link to the page containing the program: https://www.up.ac.za/juniortukkie/article/2713940/winter-school-for-grade-12-learners

OR the short link: https://bit.ly/preparation_school

Please pass this on to any Grade 12 pupil

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Jun 27 2020

GBV Faith Pledge

GBV Faith Pledge (6).pdf

10 Things GBV – Men of Faith 2 pager (6).pdf

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Jun 26 2020

GVB Statements in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans

GBV Statement Afrikaans.pdf

GBV Statement Xhosa.pdf

GVB Statement June 2020 English.pdf

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