Apr 24 2020

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 26 April 2020

Reflection of the Week

Jesus wants to accompany us on our uncertain road.

Hallelujah!!!!! Christ is risen!! He is risen indeed. I trust that are all well, healthy and safe in our current uncertain situation. I am sure we have a lot of questions and concerns. Questions like “Why did God allow this virus to kill and infect so many people?” Or, is this going to be the new normal way of life? Do I still have a job, what if I pick up the virus and bring it home? There are many things that we don’t understand. It is quite normal to have all these questions and concerns because this virus is something that none of us have experienced before. We are all in this pandemic together and we all learn together. We have to believe and trust God that we will come out stronger and wiser, when all this is over and lockdown is lifted permanently.

Today we read about the two men on the Emmaus road. They were on their way home after Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. They were very sad and heartbroken when Jesus joined them on the road. Jesus came into the lives of these two men when they needed a Comforter the most. He saw that their faith was sorely wounded and they were almost inconsolable. When Jesus saw their tears, he came alongside them and walked with them. Jesus came into their lives when they were losing hope and courage.

Today, Jesus sees our concerns, fears and worries too. He is aware of the poverty, unemployment, danger of our health care workers who are exposed to the corona virus every day and their fear of contracting it. He is aware that people die daily without their loved ones. This is truly very, very sad.

The Good News is that Jesus wants to come alongside us today. He tells us, do not fear, for I am with you, I will not leave you, nor will I forsake you. Trust Me. Jesus wishes for us to put all our fears, doubts and shattered hopes into plain words to Him. Jesus is aware of our pain, tears, uncertainty and weakness in the midst of the corona virus. He wants to come along side us to comfort us and to give us the best counsel as He’d given to the disciples on the Emmaus Road. Let us allow Jesus to walk with us, to talk with us and to love us.

Stay safe God’s people; Jesus loves us and the Holy Spirit comforts us.

Revd Eunice Davids

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