Mar 06 2020

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 8 March 2020

Reflection For The Week

A story of forgiveness

Our Lenten course is based on “The return of the prodigal son” Our Wednesday evening services will be a Eucharist and the teachings will focus on forgiveness. Our themes on homecoming, affirmation and reconciliation will help us make a new discovery about

ourselves and about the God we serve. It will also help us come to terms with our loneliness, rejection, jealousy and anger. We believe that the theme on forgiveness will also challenge our congregations and the people of God for whom we are responsible as clergy. We hope that we will all enjoy our Lenten journey and that each one of us will allow ourselves to have a fresh and meaningful spiritual encounter during this Lent. For us to grow meaningfully over this period of Lent, we need to be committed in our attendance on Wednesday’s. Our priests will travel to the various centers on the Wednesday’s in Lent and through that, give our support to the initiative. We look forward, seeing how God works in the lives of the people of our parish over the next few weeks. We pray that we will all open our hearts to the word of God that the church will present during this of period of Lent. Your growth will empower and influence the lives of our parish. Blessed Lent

2nd Sunday in Lent A – 8 March 2020.pdf

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