Nov 15 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 17 November 2019

Reflection For The Week

Christian Stewardship is a fundamental part of Christian Discipleship. It is concerned with the gifts of God and the way we use these gifts. It is concerned with the love and commitment of God to this world and its people, and with our response to God’s love and God’s commitment.

Worship has a pivotal role in any consideration of Christian Stewardship in the life of the church. In worship we give thanks for the gifts of God; we confess our failure to use these gifts as God expects them to be used, we explore the pages of the Bible and engage in theological reflection on God’s giving and our response; we offer to God our time, our talent, and our money to glorify Him and advance His kingdom.

23rd Sunday after Pentecost C -17 Nov 2019.pdf

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