Jul 05 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 7 July 2019

Reflection For The Week

The seventy two were successful in their mission to bring healing and wholeness to people. They fought Satan, casting out demons. They were sent out like wolves among sheep, no mean feat. Despite this they came back with great joy. For Jesus it remains important that the work he started continues with us in our generation. We are called to be bold in our faith and to stand firm in the fight against the evils of the world, the flesh and devil. We must make sure that the church does not fail in its mission; in fact the church dare not fail. Christians today must carry the baton of spreading the faith and good news. We must guard against becoming complacent or going into maintenance mode. We must work hard in all areas of ministry, bringing good news, hope, and restoring dignity.

4th Sunday after Pentecost C – 7 July 2019.pdf

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