Jun 14 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 16 June 2019

Reflection on Trinity Sunday
As we have a combination of celebrations this weekend, we are reminded of the Holy Trinity, the role of Fathers and the dynamics of our youth in society. For me what binds these is the challenge of identity. We reflect attributes of our parents for reasons of both nature and nurture. Many of our characteristics are genetic and hereditary (nature). We also become more like our parents in time, as we are impacted by their example (nurture). In the same way, you reflect your Father’s attributes because of nature and nurture. When you became a Christian, the Bible says you were born again (John 3:3). God gave you a new nature, His nature. While you still struggle with sin because you live in an earthly body, you have been changed into a new person internally. And you no longer continually live in sin. The DNA test is clear. We belong to God. The evidence is that you do not continually live a life of sin. As God’s child, God nurtures you and develops your character. God continually molds you and forms you. God transforms your mind (Rom. 12:2) and works in your life (Phil. 2:13) so you will live out your identity as God’s child. God is pleased and proud when you reflect God’s attributes to the world around you. While you will never be perfect on this earth, you are instructed to imitate Christ and reflect God’s character.

Pew Leaflet – tRINITY sUNDAY16 June 2019.pdf

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