May 31 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 2 June 2019

Reflection – Seventh Sunday of Easter

In today’s [gospel] reading, we get to eavesdrop on Jesus in prayer. The setting is the Last Supper. In John’s Gospel, these are the last words Jesus utters before his arrest and execution. In this prayer Jesus prays not just for his disciples, but also for all who will come to faith through them – which includes us. The heart of Jesus’ prayer is that we may all be one. This unity is both the glory of God and the witness that will lead others to faith. And this unity is based on love – the love that is shared within the Godhead, the love that is shared between Christ and us and the love we share with one another. This is the challenging invitation of the Gospel! How can you experience and express this unity with others in your life today? When we greet another person, we make a point of recognizing them and acknowledging them. When our greeting includes a sense of welcome, this builds unity and increases the love between us. Today, try to greet everyone you meet with an open and loving heart. Breath-Prayer for Today: As you have acknowledged and loved me, O God, so I commit to acknowledge and love others.

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Pew Leaflet – Easter C7 -2 June 2019.pdf

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