May 03 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 5 May 2019

Reflection – Easter 3 – The God of another chance

Three times Peter had openly denied his Lord, and three times Jesus drew from him the assurance of his love and loyalty. Three times he was restored; and done so in full view of all the others Peter the Rock was restored. Instead of chastising Peter for his failures, Jesus gave him another chance to prove himself. Jesus was not looking at Peter’s past. He was looking at what Peter could do for the future. Jesus was not concerned about Peter’s résumé. He was concerned about Peter’s redemption. Peter’s failures were turned into fame, his defeat into victory, not because of his own initiative, but because of divine intervention. When was the last time someone, a spouse, a teacher, or a friend, really gave you a chance to correct your failures and shortcomings? When did somebody stand in front of your door, wait for you, prepare a meal for you, was willing to die for you, so that he could give you another chance? If you cannot remember any time, Jesus is ready to give you another chance.

Pew Leaflet – Easter C3 -5 May 2019.pdf

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