Apr 26 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 28 April 2019


ON THIS, THE FIRST SUNDAY after the celebration of Easter, the emphasis is on faith in the presence and power of the living Jesus in our midst. This Risen Jesus now lives on in the community which believes in him. To see and know Jesus in our lives is, at the same time, to recognize where he comes to us and at the same time to be ready for day-to-day opportunities when we can bring him into the lives of others.

Above all, can we be true to the mission Jesus gave to his disciples to be makers of reconciliation, to be peacemakers, breaking down walls of hatred, prejudice and fear. We do this by living lives of integrity, of love and compassion, of real justice for all. When we do that, Easter is celebrated and Jesus is alive among us.

Pew Leaflet – Easter C2 -28 April 2019.pdf

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