Apr 12 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 21 April 2019


Allow us as your Church leadership to wish you and your loved ones “A blessed Easter”. Easter is the greatest and the most important feast in the Church. It marks the birthday of our eternal hope. "Easter" literally means "the feast of fresh flowers." We celebrate it with pride and jubilation for three reasons: 1. The resurrection of Christ is the basis of our Christian Faith. The Resurrection is the greatest of the miracles — it proves that Jesus is God. 2. Easter is the guarantee of our own resurrection. Jesus assured Martha at the tomb of Lazarus: “I am the Resurrection and the life; whoever believes in Me will live even though he dies” 3. Easter is a feast which gives us hope and encouragement.

In this world of pain, sorrows and tears, Easter reminds us that life is worth living. We are in truth called to be an "Easter people", because there are many Easter moments in our lives. It may be in prayer, when for a moment we really experience the love of God, especially having felt his absence, as we often do, like the disciples who experienced the emptiness of the tomb. It may be that moment when we are touched and given hope by a word of scripture – like the disciples on the road to Emmaus when their hearts were uplifted in joy and hope as the Lord opened up the scriptures to them. Or it may be a moment during the sacrament of confession, after we have acknowledged honestly our weakness and selfishness, our sinfulness and come to experience his forgiveness. Indeed, there are times in our lives when we know, through faith, that the times of calm after the storm, of joy after sorrow, of restored strength after weary days on our journey of faith, are truly times when we share in his paschal mystery. Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

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