Apr 12 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 14 April 2019


The Church across the world celebrates today as both Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday. It is on Palm Sunday that we enter Holy Week, and welcome Jesus into our lives, asking Him to allow us a share in his suffering, death and Resurrection. This is also the time we remember and relive the events which brought about our redemption and salvation.

That is why the Holy Week liturgy presents us with the actual events of the dying and rising of Jesus. As we process, wave our palms and sing our “hosanna’s”, I am left with some important questions I would want to share for your own reflection: Are we willing to follow Jesus, not just to Church but in our daily life? Are we willing to entrust ourselves to Him even when the future is frightening or confusing, believing God has a plan? Are we willing to serve Him until that day when His plan for us on earth is fulfilled? These are the tough questions of Palm Sunday for me to reflect on. Let us take a fresh look at this familiar event. We might be surprised at what we see. It could change us forever.

Pew Leaflet – Palm Sunday -14 April 2019.pdf

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