Apr 05 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 7 April 2019


In the Gospel reading, Mary is not bothered about people’s opinions or comments on her act. Because what matters most, to her is to show her thankfulness to her Saviour who has accepted, loved and valued her life. He has come to save her from the snares of sin and to give her life of fullness and worth through His sacrifice on the Cross. Mary shows a beautiful way of worship. A heart of worship is all about pouring out praises to our King. It’s about fully surrendering our lives to Him. It’s not about us but about Him. It’s about focusing on Him, diving fully into the sweetness of His presence forgetting and ignoring our surroundings, our circumstances and people’s opinions about us.

When we wholeheartedly pour out our praises to Him, the fragrance of our love and devotion fills our surroundings. The best way of worship is the one that most genuinely represents your love for God. Just the way Mary did. She genuinely showed her love to her Saviour by offering everything she had. In the same way, we have to pour out the praises of our hearts to Him keeping nothing behind. We must surrender our lives fully to Him. We must break the alabaster box of our lives to show our sacrifice, service, and surrender to our King. Let us give our best offering to Him holding nothing back but pouring out every single drop of our costly perfume at His feet. Let the fragrance of our love for Him arise for His glory.

Pew Leaflet – Lent 5 -7 April 2019.pdf

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