Mar 22 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 24 March 2019


This week the readings move us very powerfully from last week’s theme, into a “next step”. Last week, we were challenged to recognise that faith, on one level, is not a protection from the world’s woes, but rather, it is a call to take up the cross, and embrace God’s life even when we must suffer to do so. On another level, though, we were invited to celebrate that faith does lead us into a life that is deeper, richer and more meaningful than one of faithlessness. This week, we are taken one step further – we are to reject the idea that suffering is God’s punishment for sin, and blessing (or the avoidance of suffering) God’s reward. Rather, we are called to recognize our own need of God’s mercy and grace, and to respond by “bearing fruit” – manifesting the life of God’s reign and bringing grace and mercy into the world. This week we are shocked out of our complacency and challenged to be more determined in our commitment to follow Christ, even as we are assured of the gifts of God’s presence and God’s provision to fulfil our calling.


Pew Leaflet – Lent 3 – 24 March 2019.pdf

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