Mar 15 2019

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 17 March 2019

Reflection for 2nd Sunday in Lent 2019

This week’s readings paint a picture of contrasts. On the one hand, there is the assurance of God’s mercy and protection. Abraham receives promises from God of covenant relationships and descendants as numerous as the stars, and the psalmist affirms God’s mercy and protection and the joy of living in God’s presence and love. In the letter to the Philippians, Paul also indicates that those who follow faithfully are not headed for destruction, like godless people, but for glory. On the other hand the Gospel reading this week shows the persecution Jesus faced as he faithfully followed God’s call. A striking feature of this reading is Jesus’ refusal to be daunted by the threats against his life, and his determination to continue his mission in spite of the suffering he will face, like the prophets before him.

So, the Lectionary, while it assures us that close, protective relationship with God is available to us, also reminds us that the call to live out God’s mission does not mean a life free of pain and struggle. The protection we find in God, then, is not a guarantee that no harm will come to us, but a promise that, whatever we may face, we are ultimately destined for glory, and God’s strength will sustain us and keep us faithful to the end. In a world of expediency, the call to embrace the tough and challenging path of the Gospel can seem out of place, but, if we will trust it and embrace it, we will discover the life that endures through the worst times and that empowers us in the best times. – Sacredise

Pew Leaflet – Lent 2 – 17 March 2019.pdf

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