Feb 08 2019

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Pew Leaflets Sunday 10 Feb 2019

God’s Word for This Week

Today Jesus urges Peter not to be afraid of his own sinfulness, his self-perceived unworthiness. We hear this phrase, “Do not be afraid,” again and again throughout the Scriptures. God desires perfect love in his relationship with us, ad in perfect love there is no room for fear.

In the life of faith we are also called to persistence and perseverance. Sometimes things seem hopeless. We have tried again and again to repair a relationship or conquer a bad habit, but to no avail. Jesus tells Peter to put out his nets into the deep for a catch, and even though he has been fishing all night and caught nothing, he acquiesces to Jesus’ request. His success is beyond his wildest imagining. He catches such an abundance of fish he must call others to partake. Jesus knows our sinfulness, loves us and calls us to follow him anyway.

Living Liturgy 2019

Pew Leaflet – Epiphany 5 – 10 Feb.pdf

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