Dec 14 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 16 December 2018


John the Baptist’s simple message of justice and mercy has global ramifications in the modern world. Though it’s easy to glance backward and recognize the challenges faced by those in the ancient world, John’s message is for us too. There are those today who are cheated out of wages and/or benefits by others who game the system. Many of us might even benefit (intentionally or not) from a system that encourages unjust practices when it comes to labor conditions or wages and benefits. Those in the developed world have the equivalent of multiple cloaks while many throughout the world go without. While it might be rare for us to see outright pilfering of wages, more often we can encounter poor working conditions, a minimum wage that requires 120 hours of work each week to support a family, or cheap goods whose real costs are borne an ocean away. What are the values that guide our lives? How are we to live in preparation for the coming of the Son of Man? Justice and mercy are a sure foundation…

This is Gaudete Sunday, a Sunday for joy even as we continue the season of Advent preparing our hearts and minds for Christmas. Are there Christmas preparations that are causing you stress and worry? Can you trade them in or let go of them in order to allow room for more joy?

Living Liturgy

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