Nov 09 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 11 November 2018


Today’s Gospel reading contrasts two kinds of faith. On the one hand, there are the legal experts of Jesus’ day. They had power and they knew how to use it. They made a display of their wealth and status, and they ordered the world according to their preferences. In the process, they became cold and heartless. Their need to manipulate and control the world meant that they would even oppress and harm those who were poor and vulnerable. The quest for control always does this. It’s hard to show compassion for others when you’re intent on keeping the world at bay. When everything needs to be managed, it becomes very difficult to be open to the unpredictable needs of others.

Then, on the other hand, there is the poor widow. Although she had every reason to try and control what little she had, she didn’t do that. Instead of hoarding her small treasures, she gave freely and generously to God’s work. She didn’t even use the corruption of the religious leaders as an excuse not to give. Instead, she placed her life in God’s hand, knowing that she was unable to control the world, and she kept her heart open to the unpredictable rhythms of life. This did not mean that she would no longer be poor. It simply meant that she refused to allow her poverty to close her heart and rob her of life.

Which kind of faith do you have more of: the “faith” that seeks to control, or the faith that gives and trusts? How can you embrace more of the latter Sacredise Daily Worship

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