Oct 19 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 21 October 2018


“To be a Disciple is to Serve others”

In schools, sports and in society in general, people are honoured when they come first. If you are last, you don’t talk about it. People make great effort to become famous and important. All seems quite normal. But, in his reaction to the two brothers (James and John), Jesus shows us a completely different way of looking at things. Among us important people are the ones who have authority over others. The master is not expected to be the servant of his servants. The master will be served. When James and John asked for the seats o honour next to Jesus, they wanted to be important people, to whom the rest would render homage and service. Jesus demolishes their self-made thrones. In the kingdom of Jesus, the leader is there, not to exploit others or to be honoured and served by them and even their slave. On who becomes a Christian will have his or her value system turned upside down by Jesus’ world view. What he invited his disciples to live, Jesus first lived himself (Mark 10:45)

Gospel of Mark: Richard Baawobr, p125

Pentecost B22 – 21 Oct.pdf

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