Sep 28 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 30 Sept 2018


Today’s reading from Mark’s Gospel connects a number of surprising features of God’s work. There is the stranger who uses Jesus’ name to cast out demons, but whom Jesus welcomes. There is the warning about causing a "little one" to stumble, which is about making sure we don’t live such that we drive others from faith. There are the various warnings about removing parts of our bodies if they cause us to sin (which, thankfully, were not intended to be taken literally). And there is the call to live as salt and be at peace. It can all sound quite confusing at first glance. The key, here, is to recognise that Jesus is trying to show what it’s like to follow him, to live out the values and mission of God’s Reign. God’s Reign does not reject someone who is doing good just because they aren’t "with us". God’s Reign calls us to nurture and protect faith in others, and to stay faithful in our own lives, even when it costs us. When we commit to the ways of God’s Reign, we are willing to make sacrifices in order to become people who contribute flavour and life to the world, like salt. And this means that we will live in peace with others – even when they’re different from us.

Sacredise Daily Worship: 30 September – 6 October 2018

Pentecost B19 – Sept 30.pdf

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