Aug 03 2018

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Pew Leaflets Sunday 5 August 2018


It’s a radical claim that Jesus makes: those who come to him will never be hungry or thirsty again. It’s easy to turn this into an excuse for a prosperity Gospel, but that is certainly not what

Jesus meant. Although Jesus definitely was concerned about feeding the hungry, in this instance he wasn’t talking about physical hunger, but about a hunger for God’s Reign. The words he speaks here resonate with Matthew’s Beatitudes, especially "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied." (Matthew 5:6 NLT). When our lives are oriented around the values of God’s Reign – justice, peace and love – then our hunger and thirst for justice and love is filled – even though we may suffer physically. That’s why Jesus also calls us to seek God’s Reign first (Matthew 6:33). It’s our commitment to the generous grace, the compassionate justice and the self-giving love of God that leads us into a life of abundance. The question implied in Jesus’ conversation with the crowd applies to us as well: will we prioritise our physical desires or God’s Reign? It’s a question we answer anew every day.

Sacredise Daily Worship, Sunday 5 August 2018, Reading: John 6:24-35

Pentecost B11 – 5 Aug.pdf

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