Jul 20 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 22 July 2018


Sheep without a shepherd need a place to belong and someone to care for them. This is the heart of the Scriptures we read this week. In the Gospel of Mark we read of Jesus looking out at the crowds who follow him and recognising that they need compassion and good leadership. They have been betrayed by their leaders and they are “like sheep without a shepherd.” And so, filled with compassion, Jesus heals and feeds them. Two implications arise from this for us. The first is that we are the sheep who need the good shepherd to care for us and create for us a place of belonging. Jesus has offered himself to us as exactly this, and has welcomed us into God’s household. The second implication is that we, too, are called to be good shepherds of those for whom we care and with whom we live. We, too, are to welcome others into God’s household and create for them a place of belonging. This week we seek to find our place in God’s household even as we create space for others. (Sacredise Daily Worship – Thought for the Week; 22-28 July 2018)

9th Sunday after Pentecost B – 22 July.pdf

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