Jul 13 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 15 June 2018


King Herod was a powerful ruler, but he was a weak human being. He liked listening to John, even though John challenged him, but he was too afraid of his wife and friends to put what John said into practice. John, on the other hand, had no power or status, but he was a very strong human being. He was not afraid to confront Herod’s corruption and speak out for what he believed was right in God’s eyes. Ultimately it got him killed, but John died as a man of justice, integrity and strength, and his life left a significant mark on the world. John the Baptist was a true representative of what it means to live the purposes and values of God’s Reign. We all have places of weakness within us. Even the apostle Paul spoke of finding God’s strength in his weakness. The problem is not that we are weak. The problem is when we refuse to admit our weaknesses and allow God’s strength to work in and through them. Our weaknesses are not an excuse for failing to follow Christ’s way. They are simply an invitation to allow God to transform us and use us. Sacredise Daily Worship

7th Sunday after Pentecost B – 15 July.pdf

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