Jul 06 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 8 July 2018


Like the people of Jesus’ hometown, we often fail to realize the presence of God in our very midst. When Jesus’ prophetic words become difficult to comprehend, when his Gospel threatens our own safe, insulated world, when Jesus challenges our own incomplete and myopic view of God, we walk away from him or reject him outright, as the people of Nazareth did. Jesus calls us – dares us – to change our perspective, our belief systems, and ourselves to bring God’s kingdom of peace and compassion to reality for all his sons and daughters. God dwells in our midst in the simplest acts of kind, in the humblest efforts of compassion for others, in the singular attempts to secure the justice and peace of God in hidden and forgotten places. May we be open to finding the new, the unexpected, in familiarity. Let us not grow too familiar that we fail to see the presence of God in our midst.

Living Liturgy 2018: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7th Sunday after Pentecost B – 8 July.pdf

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