May 11 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 13 May 2018


Today’s reading is just a small part of a much longer prayer. After his extended final teaching in the Upper Room, which Jesus’ shared with his disciples before his betrayal and death, Jesus offers this moving prayer for his followers. The details are important and challenging for us. Just as God sent Christ into the world, so Jesus is sending us to carry his message. Note that he doesn’t ask that we be removed from the world, but that we be protected from the evil one – which, if we read the Gospels carefully, would mean anything that opposes God’s Reign. Our task is not to separate ourselves from the world, but to carry Christ’s message into the world through the words and actions of the Kingdom. As part of this, Jesus prays for us to be made holy by God’s word of truth. The word of truth is Jesus himself, and the message he spoke. As we embrace his message and follow his example, so our lives are freed from those things that oppose God’s Reign and we become holy – true citizens of God’s Reign of justice, peace and love.What part of this prayer do you most need to lean into today? (Sacredise Daily Worship)

Easter 7 – 13 May.pdf

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