Feb 23 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 25 February 2018


We must lose our lives – giving up our own dreams, expectations, desires and self-preservation in order to embrace the self-giving, abundant life of God’s Reign. You cannot enter a new world if you’re not willing to leave the old one! That’s why, when we try to save our lives – our lives built on self-preservation, power, wealth, and immediate gratification – we end up losing the true life that God offers. But, if we are willing to die – to release the life we have – we are able to enter the life of God and discover abundance, vibrant life in sharing,

peace-making, justice-bringing, and loving. How can you commit to losing your life today so that you can find the life of God in more fullness? (Sacredise Daily Worship)

Second Sunday in Lent – Feb 25.pdf

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