Feb 02 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 4 February 2018


Jesus restores life for service but this is ALWAYS preceded with prayer. Jesus was very busy in this passage of Mark’s gospel. He was healing, being swamped by people wanting things of Him – traveling & preaching in between all that! He models for us the importance – NO- NECESSITY – of withdrawing from it all for a time to spend time with God alone. Jesus is conscious and aware of His mission through prayer. Am I? We must be careful to build our days around prayer – not build prayer around our days. Let’s face it, life travels at such a swift pace nowadays! If we wait to have time to pray, it won’t happen. Punctuating the day with prayer – at rising, at lunch and at retiring – and any other time in between – sure does help one to stay at peace despite the world wind of activity. It helps us to keep our “eyes on Jesus!” We are on a pilgrimage to find Jesus at prayer, one with the Father and Holy Spirit, and have that sense of joy and relief that the disciples had when they heard Him say, ‘Let us go together on this journey’.

Epiphany 5 – Feb 4.pdf

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