Jan 19 2018

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 21 January 2018


Jesus proclaimed the Good News of God. The Good News is of God not only because it comes from God, but also and, above all, because God is its content. God, himself, is the greatest Good News for human life. He responds to the deepest aspiration of our heart. In Jesus we see what happens when a human person allows God to enter and to reign. So how does this apply to us:
Our ordinary life is the most perfect challenge for us to live zealously for Jesus. He does not leave us orphan to this mission. He has given us a Church to constantly remind that the Good news should be part of our ordinary lives. Within the Church, he gives us the Sacraments, in particular the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Confession, to infuse us with the grace needed to live with zeal for him. He gives us his Word, to teach us his ways. He asks us to spend quality time with him in prayer, to commit every day to him. Are we frequenting his grace in the Sacraments, in his Word, and in prayer? Are we frequenting the mystery? If not, how will our ordinary ways prepare us to courageously say yes to him? May this “Ordinary Time” find us redefining ordinary by the way we live for Jesus extraordinarily.

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