Oct 27 2017

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 29 October 2017


Today’s Gospel reading is in two parts. The first is the familiar Great Commandment in which Jesus speaks of the most important commandment in two parts -loving God and loving others. Then he adds the challenging claim that the entire law and the prophets (the Bible as they knew it then) are based on these commandments. If we want to know what righteousness or holiness looks like, then this our answer -it looks like the love of Christ. If we want to know what sin is, this is also our answer -it is anything that stands in the way of Christ like love. The Bible always speaks of love in terms of what we do, rather than what we feel. Love is always expressed through actions of self-giving, service and compassion. Today, allow the love of Jesus to be expressed through you by serving those around you as well as you can. (Sacredise Daily Worship)

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