Apr 21 2017

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 23 April


We often focus on Thomas’s doubting of Jesus in this passage. But that’s not the focus of the writer of John’s gospel. Nor is it the focus of Jesus. Both the Gospel writer and Jesus focus on Thomas’s journey to faith. We may be tempted to consider Jesus’ last words to Thomas as a rebuke, but rather than making a negative statement about the disciple, the writer is celebrating his readers – those who have believed without having seen. This does not mean Thomas was bad because he had seen. It just means his journey was different. What Thomas wanted was nothing more than the other disciples had already experienced. They had encountered the risen Christ and he longed for the same. He yearned for a faith that was real and living and honest, and Jesus gave him what he sought. (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – April 23.pdf

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