Mar 17 2017

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 19 March 2017

We all need this living water, and we all long for Jesus’ promise. And, for those of us who have found the faith to trust it, and have opened to the Spirit, we know the value of the gift that God gives us in Christ. But, this is not just a once-off thing. We need this living water daily, as much as we need the water that sustains our bodies. And so, each day, whether we experience joy or sorrow, we can open our lives anew to God’s Spirit. But, around us are others who also need the living water, and we have a responsibility to share it with them. This means that we can simply accept and love them, as Jesus did with this woman and through our welcome bring healing and refreshment to their hearts. How can you drink deep of God’s living water today? Who needs you to share this gift with them? (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – March 19 – Lent A3.pdf

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