Feb 24 2017

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 26 February 2017

As we reflect on the Transfiguration, our task is to recognize the way God’s glory is revealed in Jesus – not just in his miracles and resurrection, but also in his sacrificial death. We can take comfort in God’s affirmation of Jesus because it reveals something of God’s heart. We all face times of struggle, suffering and sacrifice, and it is tempting in those times to feel that God has either abandoned us or is punishing us. But, God’s promise to us is the same as God’s promise to Jesus – in our suffering God’s glory can be revealed, and we can experience a deeper sense of God’s presence and affirmation. We only need to recognize that God is with us, and that in, our suffering, God still seeks to reveal God’s glory through us. (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – Feb 26.pdf

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