Dec 23 2016

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christmas-2Dear People of God

Here we are again, preparing to welcome Christ anew into our lives in this Season of Christmas. As we reflect on a year that is coming to an end, maybe it has been a year of challenges, or a year of choices. Maybe it has been a year of changes, of crises or illness for you or a family member or close friend. Maybe for some of us 2016 has been a big disappointment. For some in our Parish Family it has been a painful and pain- filled year of losing loved ones. For others, maybe it has been a year of failures and mistakes. Whatever the failures, disappointments or setbacks of this past year, one thing is true – God wants us to open our hearts and receive His peace, thus releasing us from fear and allowing us to experience the light of His love. The Christmas Story is all about Jesus Christ – God’s Son, born on earth as a baby and living a life that would change the world and the direction of our lives for ever. One of the ways which Jesus described Himself was as “the Light of the World” – a light that would never go out. At this Christmas season, we can find out what it means not only to follow “the Light of the World” but to know the Light of the World personally, know His love, forgiveness and purpose in our lives and living. That gives us a right and elevated perspective from which to look back over the happenings of another year and to look forward to a New Year. I wish you and your family members a peaceful and Christ filled Christmas. Thank you for all your love and encouragement to me and my family during 2016. I look forward in sharing God’s work with you in our Parish in 2017.

Your Friend and Rector

Fr. Joe Humbles




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