Sep 16 2016

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Pew Leaflet Sunday 18 September 2016

The parable of the Dishonest Manager shows how different things are in the world. Here the manager, who had been wasteful, has to use dishonest means to win friends in order to secure his future. He has no hope or expectation of a grace that can save or restore him, so he is left to his own expedient devices. This is how things work in the world. Expediency and self-protection rule the day, and win the favour of those in power. But, ultimately, these tactics can never offer us lasting security or deep relationships, and they can never heal the brokenness in our world. That’s why Jesus encourages us to use what we have faithfully, to bless others, and reveal the mutual care and support of God’s Reign.

Pew Leaflet – Sept 18.pdf

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