Aug 26 2016

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Pew Leaflet 28 August 2016

”Gospel humility (a key theme of Luke’s Gospel) is not a religious holiness motivated by self-hatred or submissiveness. As taught by Christ, humility is an awareness of who we are before God; of our constant need for God and our dependence on God for everything; of the limitlessness of God’s love and forgiveness. Today’s Psalm, where God is saying that if we turn to Him and follow His ways, promise us that He will take care of our every need. The Jesus of the Gospel, is the perfect model of the humble servant of God. In today’s Gospel, Jesus calls us to embrace the attitude of seeking out the “lowest places” at table for the sake of others, promising that at the banquet of heaven, God will exalt such humility. In teaching us to invite to our tables “those who cannot repay you,” Jesus challenges us to imitate the love of God: doing what is right, good and just for the joy of doing so, not out of a sense of duty, self-interest or the need to feel superior or in control. The letter to the Hebrews expands on this concept of mutual love and challenge us to show how such love begins at home with the family but must extend beyond that into our communities.

Pew Leaflet – Aug 24.pdf

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