Feb 15 2016

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Servers with Bishop Margaret 1 St George Servers servers training

“In the meantime, the boy Samuel continued to serve the Lord, wearing a

sacred linen apron. Each year his mother would make a little robe and

take it to him when she accompanied her husband to offer the yearly

sacrifice. The boy Samuel grew up in the service of the Lord.”

1 Samuel 2:18-21

Servants of the Sanctuary, commonly known as Altar Servers are boys, girls, men and women who assist the Celebrant, Deacon and Lay Ministers in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, as well as at other worship services.

Servers who are all boys are called ‘altar boys’. St George the Martyr Anglican Church has girls, women, boys and men who serve and they are called Altar servers. Servers are usually members of the laity, but might include some who are in training for the priesthood. The role of servers is very important. Serving helps to strengthen the faith of the server.

Servers serve at all the Sunday Holy Eucharist and also during the special weekday services. Servers are appointed by the Rector after they receive the necessary training. They receive spiritual training and also learn to be disciplined, orderly and confident in the presence of the congregation.

Servers are designated as follows:

This person carries the cross during liturgical processions.
The two torchbearers carry the torches (candles) symbolising the light of Christ.
The MC is the leaders of the servers and assists during the receiving and preparation of the gifts during Holy Eucharist.
This person maintains the censer (thurible) and charcoal during Holy Eucharist, ensuring they are ready when incense is needed.

The Servers’ Guild also assists with celebration of the various feasts of the church calendar. Some of these are: Christmas, The Epiphany of the Lord, Ash Wednesday and Easter.

A Server’s responsibilities include:

v preparation for worship (e.g., lighting candles), joining in prayers and singing and kneeling or standing at appropriate times.

v Participate during worship service

v Perform assigned duties (e.g., crucifer).

The Servers Guild is in need of more servers. Please contact your local Chapelry Warden if you or your child feels called to this wonderful ministry.


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