Sep 30

Pew leaflet Sunday 2 October 2016

In a world where following Jesus is often framed as a way to great personal benefit, the readings this week offer us a different way of living and believing. We do not need huge faith to follow Jesus. We just need to be willing to follow with faith as tiny as a minute seed. And we do not need to do great works to be part of God’s mission; we only need to live as a simple servant of God, doing just what is required willingly and without expecting any special thanks or reward. (Sacredise)

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Sep 16

Pew Leaflet Sunday 18 September 2016

The parable of the Dishonest Manager shows how different things are in the world. Here the manager, who had been wasteful, has to use dishonest means to win friends in order to secure his future. He has no hope or expectation of a grace that can save or restore him, so he is left to his own expedient devices. This is how things work in the world. Expediency and self-protection rule the day, and win the favour of those in power. But, ultimately, these tactics can never offer us lasting security or deep relationships, and they can never heal the brokenness in our world. That’s why Jesus encourages us to use what we have faithfully, to bless others, and reveal the mutual care and support of God’s Reign.

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Sep 09

Pew Leaflet Sunday 11 September 2016

God se liefde is dieselfde vir alle mense, gister, vandag en môre. Dit vra van my ’n keuse. Het ek ’n hart vol vreugde omdat God mense wat verlore was, teruggebring het? Of is ek soos ’n moderne Fariseër en skrifgeleerde – kwaad vir God? Kwaad omdat hierdie mense my rustige, sorgvuldig-aanmekaar-gesitte wêreld op sy kop kom keer het? Dis ’n eenvoudige vraag. Dit vra: Waar is my hart? By mense wat verlore is omdat ek onthou dat ek ook eenmaal verlore was, maar deur God teruggebring is (There go I but for the grace of God). En dat daar oor my vreugde in die hemel was, dat God ’n feesmaaltyd vir my voorberei het. (Woord en Fees)

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Sep 02

Pew Leaflet Sunday 04 September 2016

Jesus verduidelik die koste van dissipelskap. Om Jesus te volg verg ’n allesopofferende houding. Jy moet bereid wees om van jou familie afstand te doen en om jou kruis te dra en in Jesus se voetspore te volg. Eers dan kan jy ’n ware dissipel wees. Daarom moet jy sorgvuldig die koste bereken voordat jy op die pad vertrek, anders sal jy nooit die einddoel bereik nie. Om ’n gebou op te rig of om te gaan oorlog voer, verg deeglike beplanning. ’n Dissipel moet bereid wees om van al sy besittings afstand te doen. ’n Dissipel wat halfhartig is, is soos sout wat verslaan het en nie meer smaak kan gee nie. (Woord en Fees)

Pew Leaflet – Sept 4 .pdf

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Aug 26

Pew Leaflet 28 August 2016

”Gospel humility (a key theme of Luke’s Gospel) is not a religious holiness motivated by self-hatred or submissiveness. As taught by Christ, humility is an awareness of who we are before God; of our constant need for God and our dependence on God for everything; of the limitlessness of God’s love and forgiveness. Today’s Psalm, where God is saying that if we turn to Him and follow His ways, promise us that He will take care of our every need. The Jesus of the Gospel, is the perfect model of the humble servant of God. In today’s Gospel, Jesus calls us to embrace the attitude of seeking out the “lowest places” at table for the sake of others, promising that at the banquet of heaven, God will exalt such humility. In teaching us to invite to our tables “those who cannot repay you,” Jesus challenges us to imitate the love of God: doing what is right, good and just for the joy of doing so, not out of a sense of duty, self-interest or the need to feel superior or in control. The letter to the Hebrews expands on this concept of mutual love and challenge us to show how such love begins at home with the family but must extend beyond that into our communities.

Pew Leaflet – Aug 24.pdf

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Aug 19

Pew Leaflet Sunday 21 Aug 2016

“Roeping” is vandag die goue draad wat deur al vier ons tekste geweef is. By almal is daar die versugting na dapperheid en volharding in die uitvoer van ons roeping. Jeremia ontvang as jong seun sy roeping. Hy voel dat hy te jonk is en nog nie goed kan praat nie. Die psalm bekyk roeping weer vanuit die perspektief van iemand wat nou al oud geword het en steeds hunker na God as ’n veilige toevlug. Hebreërs verbind die Ou-Testamentiese berg Sinai met die Nuwe-Testamentiese Sionsberg en fokus op Jesus, die Middelaar van die nuwe verbond. In die Lukasteks tree Jesus na vore as voorbeeld van dapper volharding in die uitleef van sy roeping onder moeilike omstandighede. (Woord en Fees)

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Aug 12

Pew Leaflet 14 August 2016

As followers of Jesus we may be tempted to believe that we should never be involved in conflict or disagreements. The challenge we must accept as Christ-followers, is not whether we will face conflict or not, but rather what the reasons will be for the conflicts we face. This calls for discernment, courage, and wisdom. …if we are to live the Gospel, we must be willing to do the difficult work, and to embrace the pain, of discerning what’s really going on in our lives and our world, confronting the injustice in our own hearts, and then challenging it in our small corner of the world. How can you stand firm for the values of God’s Reign in spite of the opposition of others today? (Sacredise)

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Aug 08

Parish welcomed new Clergy and Lay Minister

Bishop Margaret licenced Rev Eunice Davids as Assistant Priest and her husband Brain, as Lay Minister for the Parish of St George the Martyr in Groot Drakenstein on the 25th of May. Another welcomed addition to the Parish was Rev Laurencious Rhoda who was granted Permission to Officiate by the Bishop.

Rev Eunice comes from Holy Nativity in Blackheath where she served for two years. She is a member of the Mother’s Union for the past 35 years and was elected the Diocesan Chaplain for the Mother’s Union.

Rev Laurenscious was Deaconed on 13 December 2009 at St Mary’s on the Braak, Stellenbosch. He served his first curacy at St Francis of Assisi, Strandfontein and was Priested in the same Parish on 3 October 2010. He also served at Good Shepherd, Grassy Park. He is the proud father of and Joshua (14) and Erin (11).

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Aug 08







Date:        25 Nov 2016

Time:       20h00

Place:      Pniel Millenium Hall

Adm:        R80 p.p


Bring own refreshments and XYZ


This event is in aid of Church Funds


Tickets available at Local Church Warden.


Enquiries: Parish Secretary

021 874 1120


Download Dance Poster here

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Aug 05

Pew Leaflet Sunday 7 August 2016

When we live with alertness and readiness, it’s not that we’re waiting to be evacuated from this planet to go to an otherworldly bliss. It’s that we’ve learned that God’s presence is always coming to us, and God’s Reign is always breaking into our world, and so we must always be ready to see it, receive it, and share it. But, if we’re only concerned for our own well-being we are unable to store up

treasures in heaven, we are unable to recognise God’s Reign when it comes in surprising ways… (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – Aug 7.pdf

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