Apr 21 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 23 April


We often focus on Thomas’s doubting of Jesus in this passage. But that’s not the focus of the writer of John’s gospel. Nor is it the focus of Jesus. Both the Gospel writer and Jesus focus on Thomas’s journey to faith. We may be tempted to consider Jesus’ last words to Thomas as a rebuke, but rather than making a negative statement about the disciple, the writer is celebrating his readers – those who have believed without having seen. This does not mean Thomas was bad because he had seen. It just means his journey was different. What Thomas wanted was nothing more than the other disciples had already experienced. They had encountered the risen Christ and he longed for the same. He yearned for a faith that was real and living and honest, and Jesus gave him what he sought. (Sacredise)

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Apr 13 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 16 April 2017


Christ is Risen! Once again we proclaim the awesome mystery of our faith! When we keep the resurrection in the past – making it only a historical event, and arguing about the facts and details – we keep its transforming power at bay. It’s easy to say “Jesus is risen” without it having any impact on our lives, even if we are wholly convinced of this truth. But, when we allow our hearts to be captivated by resurrection life – the all-embracing, empowering, inclusive, transforming life that transcends all evil and unjust forces that divide and oppress humanity – then we don’t only say “Jesus is risen”, we live it! In the next fifty days of the Easter season we will be exploring what it means to live now as people of the resurrection – not just people who declare that Jesus was risen in the past.

Pew Leaflet – April 16 – Easter Day.pdf

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Apr 10 2017

Holy Week Services 2017

Holy Monday: 10 April 7.30pm
 Stations of the Cross with Young People – St. Giles – Fr. Joe
Holy Tuesday: 11 April 7.30pm
 Penitential Service – St. John’s – Rev. Eunice
Holy Wednesday: 12 April 7.30pm
 Tenebrae – St. Simon’s – Fr. Laurencious


Maundy Thursday: 13 April 7.30 pm
        Evening Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper with Washing of Feet & Stripping of the Altar:
• St. Simon’s (Rev. Eunice)
• St. George’s (Fr. Joe)
• St. Giles (Fr. Laurencious)
• St. John’s (Canon Ron Phillips)
• Wemmershoek (Fr. Eugene)
Good Friday: The Passion of our Lord 9.00am
• St. Simon’s (Rev. Eunice)
• St. George’s (Fr. Joe)
• St. Giles (Fr. Laurencious)
• St. John’s (Fr. Eugene)
• La Motte (Rev. Doreen)
 Easter Vigil:
(Baptism) 10.00pm
• St. Giles  (Fr. Laurencious)
• St. John’s (Fr. Joe)
• St. Simon’s (Rev. Eunice)  6.00am
• St. George’s (Fr. Joe)  10.00am
• Wemmershoek (Fr. Laurencious) 8.00am

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Apr 07 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 9 April 2017

Once again we come to what many consider to be the most significant week in the Christian Calendar. For the next seven days we journey through the last week of Jesus’ life, through the conflict, rejection, execution and burial of Christ. What makes this journey so important is that it reveals the true values of God’s Reign. What appears as failure and death to human beings, is victory and life in God’s eyes. What looks like the triumph of power, wealth and human systems, actually exposes the poverty and destruction of human competitiveness and self-protection. It is not Jesus on trial this week, but the desire for accumulation, power, and instant gratification that resides in each of our hearts. The cross shows what happens when we reject the way of love and justice, when we choose power, pleasure and possessions over the generous and compassionate ways of God’s Reign. (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – April 9 – Palm Sunday.pdf

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Apr 06 2017

Variety Show 28 April 2017

Variety Show Poster

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Apr 05 2017

Bazaar 6 May 2017

Bazaar 2017

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Mar 31 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 2 April 2017

Death for Jesus was [not…] something to be conquered or overcome. Rather, death was a part of life, something to be received and then absorbed and transformed into a deeper, fuller life. This is why he challenged Martha to believe that he is the resurrection and the life. The truth is, when we allow the fear of death to take hold of us, we do not overcome death. Rather, when we grow afraid of death, we lose life. We become self-protective and we stop loving and living freely and openly and generously. This is why, as followers of Jesus, faith in resurrection goes beyond simply believing in life after death. It’s about believing in life here and now, in the midst of death, and refusing to allow death to rob us, or anyone else, of life. How can you release your fear of death today? (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – April 2- Lent A5.pdf

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Mar 17 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 19 March 2017

We all need this living water, and we all long for Jesus’ promise. And, for those of us who have found the faith to trust it, and have opened to the Spirit, we know the value of the gift that God gives us in Christ. But, this is not just a once-off thing. We need this living water daily, as much as we need the water that sustains our bodies. And so, each day, whether we experience joy or sorrow, we can open our lives anew to God’s Spirit. But, around us are others who also need the living water, and we have a responsibility to share it with them. This means that we can simply accept and love them, as Jesus did with this woman and through our welcome bring healing and refreshment to their hearts. How can you drink deep of God’s living water today? Who needs you to share this gift with them? (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – March 19 – Lent A3.pdf

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Mar 10 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 12 March 2017


The faith that leads to new birth, which Jesus offered to Nicodemus, is a transforming encounter with a God who leads us into a whole new world – the world of God’s Reign, where children are the leaders, the meek inherit the earth, and the poor, the mourners and the peace makers are the recipients of God’s presence and grace. Once we have embraced this faith, we cannot help but begin to live this new life in such a way that it makes a difference in our families, our places of work and leisure, our communities and our churches. Once we have been born anew, we find ourselves recognizing Christ in those we would normally shun, and we begin to care about issues that we would normally ignore. It is not our obedience that leads us to life, but our faith. However, faith that does not change who we are and how we live, is not faith at all. (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – March 12.pdf

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Mar 03 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 5 March 2017

The first week of Lent always leads us to contemplate the temptations of Jesus. We do this, firstly, to learn more about who Jesus was, and the kind of Messiah he chose to be. Then, secondly, we allow Jesus’ victory over temptation to inspire and strengthen us to face our own temptations. It’s important to realize that these were genuine temptations for Jesus. We may think that, since Jesus was God, there was never any chance that he would fail, but this denies his true humanity. Jesus could well have fallen and chosen to be a self-serving, power-hungry leader, like others in his (and our) world. But, he chose a different way – the way of service, sacrifice and simplicity. He chose to offer his life for the sake of others. (Sacredise)

Pew Leaflet – March 5.pdf

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