Feb 24 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 26 February 2017

As we reflect on the Transfiguration, our task is to recognize the way God’s glory is revealed in Jesus – not just in his miracles and resurrection, but also in his sacrificial death. We can take comfort in God’s affirmation of Jesus because it reveals something of God’s heart. We all face times of struggle, suffering and sacrifice, and it is tempting in those times to feel that God has either abandoned us or is punishing us. But, God’s promise to us is the same as God’s promise to Jesus – in our suffering God’s glory can be revealed, and we can experience a deeper sense of God’s presence and affirmation. We only need to recognize that God is with us, and that in, our suffering, God still seeks to reveal God’s glory through us. (Sacredise)

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Feb 17 2017

Pew Leaflet 19 February 2017

If we really want to “be perfect as God is perfect” we must learn to love our enemies. This means that it’s not enough to just refuse to retaliate. We must also seek the best for those who hurt us. And, if doing this makes us like God, we can’t even find refuge in the idea that God will “get them” for us. We are asked to love our enemies because that’s how God loves! It’s not often that you hear holiness (or perfection or maturity) defined as loving your enemies, but that’s exactly what Jesus does. So, if we want to be holy, we’d better start

learning to love in this radical, transforming way. What enemies need you to learn to love them today? (Sacredise)

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Feb 10 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 12 February 2017

If you look at all the “laws” Jesus offers in today’s reading you will see that he moves from outward observance to heart attitude in every case. Instead of focussing on murder, Jesus confronts anger. Instead of adultery, he confronts lust and the abuse of women in divorce. In place of vow-making, Jesus calls for a commitment of heart that requires no dramatic promises. The law can control the worst that human beings can do, but it cannot motivate people to live up to their best. Only a heart that is transformed by love can do that, and that is the essence of Jesus teaching. How can you allow love to transform you a little more into your best self today? (Sacredise)

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Feb 03 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 5 Feb 2017

The metaphor of salt and light is a powerful one. Neither salt nor light are valuable because of what they are in themselves. Salt is valuable because it brings out the flavour in food, and light is valuable because it brings out the colour and beauty of the world. In these verses Jesus is calling us to be those whose hearts are so devoted to God and others that the world is a more flavourful and colourful place for everyone we encounter. And when we become people like this, the people whose lives we touch will inevitably praise the God who has formed us into such caring, creative people. How can you live as salt and light today? (Sacredise)

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Jan 27 2017

Pewleaflet Sunday 29th January 2017

God of all blessing, in Christ you open for us a new way of living: purge us of our easy acceptance of the ways of the world, and forge in us the radical vision of your reign, that your will may be done on earth as in heaven;

through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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Jan 20 2017

Pew Leaflet Sunday 22 January 2017

O God of new beginnings: give us courage to turn and joyfully follow you into new adventures of faithful service; through Jesus Christ our light and our salvation, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

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Jan 06 2017



The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated on 6 January. In 2017 the Feast falls on a Friday and the feast can be celebrated on Sunday 1 January where its readings may replace the Sunday readings for that day, the First Sunday after Christmas Day – see Rule 7c, APB p 27.

Liturgical colour

The liturgical colour for the Feast of the Epiphany is white; the colour of the Season after the Epiphany is green. If the whole of the Incarnation Cycle is observed, the colour may remain white until the Feast of the Presentation on 2 February, after which the colour becomes green. The colour for the Sunday of the Transfiguration, the Last Sunday after the Epiphany, is white.

About the Readings for the Season of Epiphany

The focus of the readings reveals the truth that Christ is manifested to humankind, to the world, to the entire creation. In them we catch a glimpse of the cosmic dimension of the work and achievement of Christ. They also express the challenge for all Christians to reveal that truth through their own lives.

The Sunday themes

Epiphany                                        Magi come to adore the Christ

1st Sunday after Epiphany            The baptism of Jesus

2nd Sunday after Epiphany          The first disciples

3rd Sunday after Epiphany           The start of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee

4th Sunday after Epiphany           Jesus teaches his disciples

Feast of the Presentation             The end of the Incarnation Cycle- 40 days after Christmas

5th, 6th, 7th Sunday                       Jesus continues his teaching

Last Sunday after Epiphany       The Transfiguration

The readings for the Sundays after the Epiphany move us from any narrow view of an individual understanding of our faith in the Incarnation of Christ, to a wider view of God’s intention for the whole of creation.

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, forty days after Christ-mas, marks the end of the Incarnation Cycle which includes the Seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. Simeon’s words to Mary as he takes the child, ‘And a sword shall pierce your own soul too’ is a reminder that in his own life Jesus will face suffering, as is prefigured in the response of the people to his teaching at Nazareth. As Christians continue the work of Jesus Christ, they too will face suffering.

The final Sunday before Lent, with a focus on the Transfiguration, ends the Season as it began, with a theophany, a sign of the glory of Cod made manifest among us.

(ACSA. 2016. Lectionary Advent 2016- Advent 2017. Year A)

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Dec 23 2016


christmas-2Dear People of God

Here we are again, preparing to welcome Christ anew into our lives in this Season of Christmas. As we reflect on a year that is coming to an end, maybe it has been a year of challenges, or a year of choices. Maybe it has been a year of changes, of crises or illness for you or a family member or close friend. Maybe for some of us 2016 has been a big disappointment. For some in our Parish Family it has been a painful and pain- filled year of losing loved ones. For others, maybe it has been a year of failures and mistakes. Whatever the failures, disappointments or setbacks of this past year, one thing is true – God wants us to open our hearts and receive His peace, thus releasing us from fear and allowing us to experience the light of His love. The Christmas Story is all about Jesus Christ – God’s Son, born on earth as a baby and living a life that would change the world and the direction of our lives for ever. One of the ways which Jesus described Himself was as “the Light of the World” – a light that would never go out. At this Christmas season, we can find out what it means not only to follow “the Light of the World” but to know the Light of the World personally, know His love, forgiveness and purpose in our lives and living. That gives us a right and elevated perspective from which to look back over the happenings of another year and to look forward to a New Year. I wish you and your family members a peaceful and Christ filled Christmas. Thank you for all your love and encouragement to me and my family during 2016. I look forward in sharing God’s work with you in our Parish in 2017.

Your Friend and Rector

Fr. Joe Humbles




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Dec 09 2016

Pew Leaflet Sunday 11 December 2016


Among the Lectionary readings this week we find a promise from Isaiah of God’s restoration for God’s people, Mary’s song of faith and justice, John the Baptiser’s doubts about Jesus, and a call from James for the believers to be patient in suffering. What a fascinating mix! The message is clear, though. Doubts, struggles and suffering will come, but we have a choice about our response. We can allow

our doubts to get the better of us and lead us to miss God’s way, or we can affirm our faith, participate in God’s mission, and allow hope, faith and joy to sustain us.


Pew Leaflet – Dec 11.pdf

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Dec 05 2016

Christmas Services 2016


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